‘Big Heads and Little Resumes’

Terry Moran’s choice exchange with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan earlier this week is continuing to rumble around online, fueled partly by a less-than-thoughtful debate between Moran and talk radio host Hugh Hewitt–who nicely opened the interview by asking Moran whether he was “anti-military.”

Moran gave as good as he got though:

HH: Why are you guys so thin-skinned? Why don’t you understand the contempt the White House press corps is held in by the American public?

TM: Well, I do understand that. I understand it both on the right, people who don’t want any kind of challenge to the president they support, and people on the left who think we went easy on the president, and allowed him…

HH: Terry, wait. Time out. Where do you get this, don’t want any kind of challenge to the president they support. They’re just sick and tired of journalists with big heads and little resumes, acting like they know how the world works. Let me read you from Major K…

TM: Hugh, can I ask you a question? When was the last time you were in Iraq?

HH: I have not been to Iraq.

TM: Huh.

HH: What does that establish?

TM: Little resume.