Big Fish Games Release Second Facebook Game: My Tribe

This morning, Big Fish Games announced they will be releasing their second Facebook game, entitled My Tribe. The game involves evolving a tribe of people on a remote island. Big Fish is known for its high production value games, and this game is no different: the graphical and general aesthetic quality of the game is very high.

Big Fish Games, who just recently announced the great Faunasphere for Facebook, have been porting some of their top games from to Facebook and making modifications to ensure the game’s social elements are appropriate. Faunasphere, for example, is the top Online game available at the site. It seems that this is more than a side project to the team, as they attempt to access the fast growing Facebook gamer market with their strongest titles.

My Tribe is a game that’s similar to the popular iPhone/iPod Touch game virtual villagers, in that each of the people in the tribe have individual statistics and personalities, and grow in age over time. They may be rebellious and not listen to your orders when you’re not playing the game, and this adds a dimension that makes the game different from games like Restaurant City or Cafe World, where your workers are pretty much brainless as they follow your orders.

“With a player’s guidance, tribespeople develop areas of specialty – for example, construction – to help them accomplish larger tasks like building a ship or a storehouse. They grow from child to youth to adult, learn new skills, have children of their own, and eventually become respected elders. And because gameplay is continuous – your tribe is living, learning, fishing, eating and surviving even when your computer is turned off – it’s especially important for players to check in regularly on the tribe’s progress.”

The social elements come in the fact that players can travel to friends’ islands and help their friends with creating customized clothing and accessories, building shelter, providing food, and making scientific discoveries, all to gain levels and cash.