Big Developers Run This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Zynga is the big story on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users, but Playdom and CrowdStar definitely play a part as well. The top app is CityVille, which is now up to 22 million MAU — a measure that’s actually not visible on this list, since Facebook’s reporting was running a bit behind at time of writing.

We gave CityVille plenty of room earlier this morning in an analysis of its growth. Here we’ll leave it at noting that FarmVille and FrontierVille have added another 1.6 million MAU to Zynga’s total, which had dropped below 200 million MAU before CityVille (it’s now over 210 million). Several weeks from now, we’ll start to see whether CityVille is actually cannibalizing players of other Zynga games.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille12,941,177+12,276,238+1,846%
2. FarmVille54,528,558+933,544+2%
3. FrontierVille30,393,785+678,369+2%
4. City of Wonder7,520,929+576,514+8%
5. Die Herausforderung der Städte534,608+526,662+6,628%
6. Mighty Pirates1,441,254+516,089+56%
7. Game of Truth2,360,184+471,422+25%
8. Ravenwood Fair4,933,184+464,738+10%
9. Vegas City3,936,761+437,770+13%
10. 德州撲克(中文版)4,030,139+422,730+12%
11. MindJolt Games10,412,720+416,310+4%
12. Epic Fighters1,508,391+359,836+31%
13. Bar World1,454,459+347,913+31%
14. Games6,557,290+344,156+6%
15. Island God2,308,500+299,233+15%
16. Farm Bonuses604,307+296,713+96%
17. Millionaire City13,074,212+285,207+2%
18. Monster World5,766,022+247,801+4%
19. Pool Master 2536,953+234,246+77%
20. 超級職場 — 超人氣!免費休閒養成遊戲!437,959+230,101+111%

City of Wonder is recovering some of the users it lost after Disney acquired Playdom and stopped advertising its new subsidiary’s properties. We’re seeing a few other signs of activity from Playdom lately, including Social City Europe, a localized version of Social City that the developer spun off a couple weeks ago.

Mighty Pirates is the CrowdStar game on the list, with about half a million new MAU. The Pirate-themed RPG has grown more slightly than some other CrowdStar titles, but it was also released in a very rough state; now that some updates have gone in, it looks like it might do well.

One point to note is that Digital Chocolate appears to finally be slowing down a bit, with only Island God and Millionaire City appearing at relatively low positions. While DC was previously gaining several million MAU each week, it only picked up 1.3 million during the past week, and its daily active user count has stabilized at 4.1 million.