Beta21 survey: How well do you know your Facebook page?


More and more marketers claim to be Facebook experts, but a survey of roughly 2,000 marketers by Beta21 shows that there’s still a bit of an information gap.

Most marketers surveyed were unclear as to the access allowed to moderators and the answers were split when asked what they would do for damage control if an employee accidentally posted something to the company Facebook page that revealed sensitive data.

While the survey is largely online marketing in general, it does show how some Facebook page managers approach different situations.

Look below to see how well you know Facebook marketing.

Here are a couple of interesting tidbits from the survey.

A former employee reveals sensitive data on your Facebook page, acting as a whistle blower. The post starts a small crisis on your end. What do you do?



How do you handle a lack of interesting content on your page when not a lot is happening in the industry?


Avtar Ram Singh, Chief Editor of Beta21, offered some insight into this poll:

This one for me, really speaks volumes about the attitude that marketers have today. So there’s a little rut in the industry. Not a lot of news, interesting ideas or opinions are surfacing for your brand to talk about. And this happens very often. Every company and manager hit this a couple of times every quarter. Do you turn to your fans every single time to ask what they’d like to see?

Aren’t you the one who’s supposed to direct the content?

As the graphic illustrates – the right way to deal with this would be to focus on crafting better content, posting better stories, creating more original content and ideas. If it’s smart and speaks to your target audience, they’ll like it. Do a couple of re-caps on what’s happened lately, perhaps make a couple of predictions for the future, highlight some of the best work your company has done. But the second you go down the route of asking your fans what they want to see, you go down the route of letting them decide what content you should post.

A moderator of a Facebook page cannot do the following:


Readers: Did you learn anything new by reading this?

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