Beta Ray Bill Comes to Marvel: Avengers Alliance

The unique hero is part of a time-limited event in the popular Facebook game.

Beta Ray Bill

Disney Interactive has announced the latest content update and Spec Op for its popular Facebook title, Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Spec Op 24 introduces one of Marvel’s more unique heroes to the experience: Beta Ray Bill.

This time-limited event packs a new story arc for players. Here’s a breakdown of the event, direct from Disney:

In Spec Op 24, Asgard’s most dangerous foes are on the warpath in Midgard. Thor has mysteriously disappeared, leaving a void amongst the Avengers that must be filled. Many have asked, “Who is worthy of such a great challenge?” Beta Ray Bill has arrived to push back these ancient forces and help discover what end his Oath-Brother has met.

Beta Ray Bill is equipped with a hammer known as “Stormbreaker,” and is a dual-class hero, with elements of both the Blaster and Bruiser classes. Specifically, Beta Ray Bill has lighting attacks, making him proficient at taking out enemies at long-range, while his Bruiser affinity allows him to sustain large amounts of damage.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is available to play for free on Facebook. The game sees players becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., challenged with assembling and leading a team of Marvel’s heroes as they protect New York City from ongoing threats.