Twitter Fabric Beta Builds on Beta by Crashlytics Move Into the Fastlane

Developers creating apps for Twitter Fabric can now more quickly distribute beta builds of their apps following the addition of support for Fastlane to Beta by Crashlytics.

Developers creating applications for Twitter Fabric can now more quickly distribute beta builds of their apps following the addition of support for Fastlane to Beta by Crashlytics.

Twitter introduced Beta by Crashlytics in May 2014 to enable developers to easily distribute beta builds of their apps to users, and the social network announced Tuesday that iOS apps using Beta by Crashlytics can now tap into mobile deployment toolset Fastlane, automating several tasks and enabling beta rollouts “in seconds.”

Product manager Hemal Shah said in a blog post announcing the combination:

A successful beta release involves a lot of steps: You have to bump version numbers, compile the build, append the release notes, distribute it to your testers, alert your team that a build went out and the list goes on and on. And if that wasn’t enough, sometimes only one person knows how to distribute a beta build, which means you’re tied to their schedule and there is a bottleneck for delivering value to your app users.

Beta by Crashlytics takes the pain out of this process and makes it intuitive and efficient. By installing Fastlane, an award-winning mobile deployment toolset, you can automate the tedious tasks that slow down your app development. Say “goodbye” to manual work and spend more time innovating, while still getting a healthy stream of user feedback.

Shah also pointed out that Fastlane is fully extensible, with 170 built-in actions and 50 third-party plugins.

Twitter Fabric developers: Have you used Beta by Crashlytics?

FastlaneIsNowPartOfFabric David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.