Best Temporary Email Services

Best email spam filters deals with unwanted messages pretty great, but time to time some of the spam emails find the way to your inbox – nothing is perfect! But, maybe, there is a way to stop giving your email to unknown sources and avoid spam.

Many people use temporary email services to protect their real email addresses. When you need to fill out some registration forms or give away your email to shady/unknown sources you can simply create temporary email address and use it instead.

Below are some of the most popular temporary email services that will help you create temporary email address within a few moments:

1) Mailinator

One of the most popular and advanced temporary email services. They have several alternate domains you can use for your email. Check out also Mailinator widget for websites.

2) Melt Mail

Very simple service for setting up temporary email address that will forward incoming mail to your real address. Simplicity is the greatest quality of this service so if you want to go the easiest way use Melt Mail.

3) 10 Minute Mail

Using this service you are able to create email address that will work for 10 minutes. If you want to do something quick use 10 Minute Mail.

4) Guerrilla Mail

Don’t understand English? Use Guerrilla mail in German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch languages. Emails of this service are active for 15 minutes and after that they will expire.

5) TempEMail

Your email address created using this temporary email service will expire in 14 days, so it is very useful if you need to wait some time for some emails and you don’t know when exactly you will receive them.

6) MailExpire

Great service that offers you to create email that will be active from 12 hours up till 3 months depending on your needs. Only problem is that it works for me a bit slow.

7) Filz Mail

Very easy to use and simple solution. You even have a possibility to check for your mail using RSS feeds, which gives you great possibility to receive messages via your favorite RSS readers you use on daily basis.