Best Quotes from the Sunday Shows – 7.6.14

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” : “The rule of law is that ‘The Constitution’ requires the United States to secure the border. And we’re not doing that. We haven’t done it for years. And we are paying a huge price.”

Sen. John McCain on the topic of Hillary Clinton on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” : “I respect her views. We have had disagreements on a number of issues. But I think it’s my job to work with every president if she, regrettably, attains the presidency.”

Also on “Face,” Sen. Lindsey Graham spoke on the threat of terrorism : “Al Qaeda’s not decimated. The groups operating in Pakistan and now Afghanistan are lethal. They’re growing. We’re about to shut down our ability to detect what they’re up to and hit them before they hit us. This literally is insane given the way the world has fallen apart.”

Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., said on “Fox News Sunday,” : “Look, Iran is the foremost sponsor of terrorism around the world. In the last four years, they have perpetrated terror attacks on five continents in 25 different countries. They’re the reason right now why Syria’s regime, why Bashar al Assad has killed nearly 200,000 Syrians. They’re there working through their proxy Hezbollah…They’re in Iraq. They’re responsible for the murder of many American soldiers in Iraq over the years…They’re not your friends. They’re not your partners. They’re not going to help you in Iraq. They’re not going to help you in Syria. They’re not going to help you anywhere in the region…They’re an enemy of the United States. That’s how they see themselves. And I think enemies have to be treated as enemies.”

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said on NBC’s “Meet the Press with David Gregory” : “I’ve spoken directly to kids on the border who’ve told me that they have held on for days and hours to the top of a freight train, literally holding on for dear life because they risk falling off and dying. We keep reminding parents of the dangers of sending your children unaccompanied on this journey, this long, 1,000-mile journey, and that there are no free passes once you get here. DACA is not available for these children.”

Alan Long, Mayor of Murrieta, California, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley : “A very small town here in Murrieta, all of a sudden, we had a national problem end up on our doorsteps. And we had some local residents with some legitimate concerns. I think most of the angry people that you saw protesting were from out of town…Like I said, this is a national problem, and the world showed up on our doorsteps. We didn’t have a lot of answers early on, and there were some legitimate concerns, health concerns and humane concerns. People were concerned about the people, the immigrants coming here. Would they have proper facilities? Who is going to take care of them? How long is this going to be for? … And those were questions that we just didn’t get any answers to.”