Best Buy Wants You to Film Yourself Standing in Line on Black Friday

Oh hey: remember this holiday classic?

How about this one?

Best Buy is hoping against hope that nothing like that happens this year. In fact, they’re so sure that everything will go smoothly on Black Friday that they’re encouraging customers to Vine the experience. And by “the experience” we mean the process of waiting in line to shop at Best Buy.

Bad idea, you say? AllThingsD called it “risky”, which is an understatement.

Now let’s count the reasons why.

1. What could possibly be interesting about standing in line? Seriously: how many crazy edits and weird angles would it take to make a six-second “I can’t wait to shop” loop interesting?

2. Why would anyone even bother, considering the fact that the only incentive is the possibility of being retweeted by Best Buy? Yes, lots of people will be bored. But will they be that bored?

3.  Most importantly, how can Best Buy prevent the next weekend from turning into a deluge of blog posts highlighting the most embarrassing clips? How can they make sure things don’t get out of hand?

A spokesperson told AllThingsD that the retailer “has a well-established and tested process to ensure customers have a smooth and safe Black Friday shopping experience.”

Are you convinced? We can’t claim to be social media ninjas, but we’re fairly sure that some smartass will create a clip far more interesting than whatever Best Buy decides to share—and even LL Cool J won’t be able to save them when that happens.