Best Buy Says iPad Has Significant Impact On Notebook Sales

Since the iPad was first announced there has been debate about the impact the iPad would have on netbook sales. I doubt that many people thought that the iPad would have much impact on notebook sales, but according to Best Buy it has, to the tune of nearly 50% of their notebook sales. The news is interesting in terms of determining the iPad’s affect on the computer industry as a whole.

If the iPad is being bought instead of a notebook computer does that mean people do more consumption of media and information than creation? Is it a matter that the iPad is good enough to meet a majority of computing needs for users? Or is it a matter that the simplicity of using the iPad makes it more attractive? I think that the answer to all of these questions is yes for many people, but I also think that if people are mostly chosing the iPad over notebook computers for it’s simplicity that will have a significant affect on the computer industry. Hopefully that impact is the simplification of all personal computers.