Best Buy Launches Cross Platform Cloud Music Service

It appears that every retailer is convinced they must offer a cloud music service because today the Best Buy Music Cloud launched. Best Buy is attempting to stand out amongst the music cloud services by providing player apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry phones, but it also has some limitations that cause me to wonder why one would chose Best Buy’s service over other offerings.

Unlike Amazon and Google that provide some amount of free music streaming to Android phones, Best Buy is only providing free streaming over the web for desktop computers. You can hear 30 seconds of a song on a mobile device, but to hear full songs you need to subscribe to the premium package that costs $3.99 per month.

A second limitation that may be a deal breaker for many more people is that it only works with iTunes on a PC or Mac. The desktop software that Best Buy provides to upload music to their cloud service does not provide the ability to upload music from a file folder or music players other than iTunes.