‘Beside Myself’ is Today’s Free Interactive eBook

Today’s free eBook, Beside Myself, is a multimedia interactive iPad app that follows the self-titled character, Jeff Gomez, as he discovers his ghosts are versions of himself making critical decisions. The story is based on a choose-your-own adventure format – users can select one out of the three Gomez characters to read at a time or readers can also choose to read all three at the same time in a three column layout. Aside from the story itself, the app also includes photos, emails, weblinks, and even a personality quiz.

Beside Myself presents a world where the author comes into contact with—and eventually meets—three different versions of himself: they are all Jeff Gomez, but each one is different based on choices made at a critical juncture. One is married, one is single, and one has a family. As they each gradually discover the other, their various lives begin to overlap and, ultimately, become intertwined in ways they never thought possible. The three Jeffs also discover a shadowy underground society of people trapped in similar circumstances, along with a mysterious ringleader named Luther Blissett who seems to know all the answers. This is not an isolated incident.

Previously priced at $5.99, the app is currently available for free through the App Store.