Boeing Uses 20,000 Pounds of Potatoes to Test In-Flight Wi-fi

Boeing’s new Wi-Fi technology got a little help from some starchy friends. The Synthetic Personnel Using Dielectric Substitution, dubbed SPUDS, allows researchers to test in-flight signal strength of wireless systems. Evidently SPUDS share similar reactions to radio waves as human bodies, making them the “ideal stand-ins for passengers.”

Using SPUDS allowed testing to be reduced from two weeks to just 10 hours. Food enthusiasts should know that the tubers did not go to waste, all 20,000 pounds were donated to the food bank. Click below to watch their video.

While some countries already allow users to have free range with their devices, this might mean that it will soon be legal for US passengers to keep their phone and electronics turned on at all time.  The FDA currently requires all U.S. airlines to turn off electronics due to concern about their potential interference.