Bento 1.0 for iPhone: A Reason to Upgrade to Bento 2.0 Personal Database for Mac?

Screenshot courtesy of FileMaker

I bought the 1.0 release ofBento for the Mac when it was released a couple of years ago. Bento is a personal database that doesn’t require knowledge of joins, tables or SQL. And, even though I’ve spent the past decade knee deep in working with databases like MySQL (my favorite), the idea of simple to use database front-end appealed to me. However, I found that its lack of portability (no web or smartphone component) limited its usefulness to me and I stopped using it and didn’t upgrade to 2.0 when it was released.

However, the new $4.99…

Bento 1.0 for iPhone (iTunes App Store)

Bento for iPhone press release

…which can be used as an independent mobile database or synced with Bento 2.04 on the Mac has me wondering whether I should take another look at it. You can get an idea of how Bento for the iPhone works in Filemaker’s promotional video embedded below…

Video courtesy of FileMaker

To be honest, I’m still on the fence about updating Bento 2 by spending $49 (full retail price since there’s no special upgrade price for Bento 1 owners) plus he $5 for the iPhone app. I just ordered a LiveScribe Pulse smartpen. So, if there were a way to integrate voice and ink data from the Pulse with Bento 2 or Bento for the iPhone, that would definitely push me over the fence.

Bento 1.0 for iPhone (product page)