Behold: The Internet Gave us Seinfeld and Emojis in 1 App


The strange and entertaining Twitter account, Seinfeld Current Day, combines poor grammar and garbled English to keep Seinfeld fans entertained, and now, also lets them communicate using custom Seinfeld emojis.

The hordes of Seinfeld Internet citizens are using this emoji app to create grammar-free sentences to share on social networks. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t allow you to use the emojis as regular characters so you’ll have to use the app to create images of sentences that can then be shared on your social network of choice. This app is perfect for everyone:

What if all your favorite characters and objects from Senfeld were Emoji today? k, here they are. Unfortunetely there isnt a way to load these in to the Emoji keybord of your Apple iPhone® 5S 64GB or Samsang Galaxy® S5 4G LTE smartphone device. We called Apple and tried to make this hapen but honestly the CEO, Tim Cook or whatever, he was like “how did you get my phone number, this is my confidentiel unlisted number. I am v busy, plese stop calling” and then when we called back he simply declined becase it went straght to voicemail after only one ring or whatever. You will be the envy of all your frend when you send them a Sienfeld emoji, BABY!!

You have 42 emojis to choose from – all made by the talented Shahruz Shaukat and Kevin McCauley. They include Pezz, Little Jerry, Festivus pole, Rochelle Rochelle, Denny’s Grand Slam, and even Jerry wearing Google Glass. Here are samples of the emoji in the wild: