Beck’s Created a 360-Degree Camera That Fits Into a Beer Bottle Cap

Syncs with Facebook to upload clips

Beer brand Beck's and BBDO Germany have come up with a clever way to hide technology into its products that doubles as a bit of free promotion.

The team created a tiny camera that fits on top of a beer bottle. The gadget sticks to iPhone cameras and uses a mirror to let consumers shoot footage at a 360-degree angle.

Beck's is giving away the so-called "CapCams" to its Facebook fans with a contest. In addition to filming content, the lens also connects to Facebook's app so that people can upload their clips. Meanwhile, Facebook also added a feature today that lets users upload 360-degree photos for the first time.

In addition to equipping consumers with new technology, the idea is that people will also film some interesting footage using the cameras that of course include Beck's beer.

"The basic idea is to provide an all-round view of those typical Beck's moments shared with close friends," the agency said in a statement. "Unfortunately, attempts to capture these moments on mobile phone videos just cannot compare."

It's not the first time that Beck's has tweaked its packaging in unusual ways. Last year, the brand created a wrapper for bottles that encourages people to scratch off aluminum.

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