Bebo bought by AOL, improves Bebo Platform

On the same day that Bebo agreed to be acquired by AOL for $850 million (congrats everyone!), it also announced an important update to the Bebo Platform (not celebrating too hard, I guess!). As of today, a new “To do” list design on the home page of every Bebo user more prominently displays application invitations and notifications. Previously, they were behind a second tab.

Jessica Alter, Bebo’s head of business development for the platform, said, “We’ve released changes to the users homepage that moved the alerts for app notifications and requests to the top right of the users homepage. The redesign provides apps a top-level placement, bringing additional awareness to your apps.” In addition, Bebo is now showing icons of all apps a user has installed on the profile page.

Alter also said that several additional features are in the works to be released soon:

  • A new API call to add tags to photos
  • New JavaScript capabilities
  • Pre-loading SQL

All of these changes will enhance the platform and be welcome news for developers!

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