10 Amazing Beatbox Videos To Boom-Bah-Brighten Up Your Day

Not much is more impressive than drum beats and record scratches coming out of a beatboxer's mouth. Check out ten amazing beat box videos after the jump.

I am continually impressed with the amazing talents I come across on YouTube, and one of the things I find the most impressing has got to be beatboxing. Not much is more astounding than drum beats and record scratches coming entirely from someone’s mouth. An amazing (and hilarious) beat box prank video that’s going viral this week has inspired me to put together a list of ten of the top beatbox videos on YouTube. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Beat Box 2

This is the video that inspired me to put this list together. Made by YouTube prankster edbassmaster, this video has amassed over 134,000 views in two days and I think it’s hilarious. Ed goes into a store and asks workers for advice on different products, interspersed with some killer beatboxing. The reactions they get are priceless.

Beatboxing Flute Inspector Gadget Remix

With over 23 million views this is one of the most popular beatboxing videos on YouTube, but this guy doesn’t just beatbox – he beatboxes while playing the flute. I can’t beatbox or play the flute and this guy does both at the same time? No fair!

Super Mario Beatbox

Everyone loves Super Mario Bros, right? And everyone loves beatboxing, right? Therefore, everyone should love this awesome video of a guy beatboxing the theme music from Super Mario. Nice!

Joel Turner – Australian Idol

John Turner stunned the world with his amazing performance on Australian Idol. This really is the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard come out of someone’s mouth. All I can say is “Wow.”

Beatboxing Parrot!

And it’s not only humans that can beatbox. This parrot has racked up over 7.6 million views with his beatboxing skills.

Julia Dales – female beatbox

When most people think of beatboxers they think of guys. However, girls can be just as good at beatboxing (if not better!) than guys. Check out Julia Dales and her beatboxing skills.

Amazing Female Beatboxer – Sophia Beatbox Part2

Thought Julia was good? Just wait until you hear Sophia beatbox. It’s hard for me to believe these noises are being made by a person! Sophia illustrates the Wind Technique and beatboxes Push It, and the Godfather theme.

Beatbox – Felix Zenger

Felix Zenger wins the award not only for amazing beatboxing skills but also for the best looking video. You can find out more about Felix on his website, FelixZenger.com.

Harmonica + Beatbox: Final Cut

Remember the guy above who beatboxed while playing the flute? Well, Yuri Lane beatboxes while playing the harmonica! What do you like better – the beatboxing flute or the beatboxing harmonica?

aLeX 14 Beatbox NeW

Finally, Alex is one of the youngest beatboxers on YouTube. Actually, he’s 18 now, but when this video was shot he was only 14 years old. Can you believe that? This guy’s beatboxing skills far outnumber his years.