Meatball, The Bear, Has More Twitter Followers Than You

We know followers don’t matter, but admit it – knowing that a BEAR has more followers than you irks you, doesn’t it? Just a little?

Well, in this post we share Meatball the Bear’s secrets to Twitter success!

They’re, um, not from the bear – they’re from us (didn’t want to disappoint you).

Why is he called Meatball? He “is renowned for having gone into a resident’s garage fridge, opening up a bag of meatballs from Costco and eating them.” Oh, leave the bear alone – how did you get your nickname?

Sarah Aujero is said to have created the Glendale Bear (@TheGlendaleBear) account “to help raise awareness and the money needed to move Meatball to a permanent home in Colorado.” And it looks like she was successful. Lucky Meatball.

It looks like you can still buy a shirt from Meatball’s website if you’re interested, but they’re on backorder.

But we promised tips, so here you go:

1) Be witty. This shouldn’t need an explanation, but here’s a tweet to illustrate:

2) Retweet relevant posts. This may seem easy because there are so many stories circulating about this bear, but you’ll note there are retweets of pet places, food places and various niche publications that have been made to feel they are a part of this story. That’s smart marketing.

3) Be consistent. Tweet regularly and have a focus. Being all over the place is fine, but make sure your followers know that about you up front (good bio material).

4) Be a bear. Or a kitten. Seriously. Animals rule online. And have you seen how popular kittens are?

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