Be Prepared To Pony Up $25,000 If You Want A Slick Brand Page For Your Business On Twitter

One way to get your company noticed on Twitter is to convert your regular profile page to a brand page, a feature the company launched in December. And while rumors have it they’re opening up brand pages to more than just their 21 test partners soon, they’re not going to be cheap.

Twitter brand pages are basically an enhanced Twitter profile that allows for more consistent branding for companies. A brand page includes a custom header that can advertise a new product, a logo, or promote a particular call to action; the ability to “pin” a tweet to the top of the timeline to give it more prominence (great for putting the spotlight on a particular marketing campaign); and separate sections for @replies and @mentions to help companies focusing on customer service.

When they were launched in December 2011, only 21 brands – including Coca-Cola, Best Buy, McDonald’s and Paramount Pictures – were given early access. AdAge reports that these 21 brands all had committed at least $2 million in advertising spending on Twitter in 2012.

Now, both Business Insider and AdAge are reporting from separate sources that Twitter will be opening up these brand pages to more participants – but that they’re asking for a $25,000 commitment to ad purchases in 2012 for the privilege. Interested (and committed) companies should be able to access their new brand page starting February 1st.

Business Insider goes on to say that not only will brand pages offer additional branding opportunities to companies through a header, but they are also rumored to be getting a facelift soon, which would include an iFrames environment that would enable Twitter users to play games or shop right on the page.