Be Part of the Red Room, A Social Network Where the Writers Are

redroom-logo.gifIt’s about time that the prime content providers of the web, the writers, have a social network of their own. And for web 2.0 purpose, the writers own web abode is called the Red Room.The Red Room offers is a web congregation of esteemed writers who can very well inspire the new generation of writers. The Red Room founders and company members adheres to the belief that writing has the power to transform individuals as well as society as a whole through their original contributions to the Red Room.

redroom_newbooks.jpgSo, what can you find and do at the Red Room. There is a handful actually, as the Red Room is rich online resources of writers and about writers.

You can browse for books, authors, videos, blogs, podcasts by and about the Red Room writers. Once you find a writer, you can connect and interact with them.

The Red Room portal for writers is arranged by genres as well as alphabetically by writers’ surnames. While the portal for books are arranged by genre and by popular and new books categories.

Should you decide to join the Red Room community, you can subscribe to the Red Room Newsletter or Become a Red Room Author and have your spot on the Red Room portal.

And since most of the members of Red Room are great writers and literary authors, you’ll definitely find their recommended readings and writer references pretty reliable as they are the ones who can easily spot a good book read, or a well written piece of literary works.

That means, you better sign up at the Red Room now.