Battle Cards: A Customizable Card Game for the Facebook Generation

Battle Cards is a new game from Creara, one of the largest social games publishers in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The game launched in early May this year and very recently landed on our top 20 list of emerging Facebook games.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Battle Cards currently has 463,288 monthly active users and 15,334 daily active users.

Battle Cards is a virtual representation of a customizable card game, where players square off against each other in an attempt to either launch their own rocket first, or destroy their opponent’s rocket before they can do the same. Players can launch their rocket by increasing its health points to 150, or defeat their opponent by reducing their health to zero.

Cards fall into two categories: red attack cards and blue defense cards. Some cards allow players to build up “attack” or “material” points, and some cards require the spending of these points in order to either directly attack their opponent, increase their rocket’s health or put a temporary defense against a particular type of attack in place. Over time, it’s possible for players to learn what to expect from their opponent’s deck of cards and be able to plan accordingly, though being a card game, there’s still a healthy element of luck involved.

The game is monetized via the purchase of premium items, with Facebook Credits being used directly within the game as a hard currency. Premium items range from card expansion packs, allowing players to customize their deck, to temporary boosts and advantages at the start of the game such as protection against certain amounts of damage. The game also features a soft currency which can be used to purchase certain items, though many items require Facebook Credits in order to collect.

The social element of the game comes from both the synchronous multiplayer component, which features a chat system, and also from the “Personnel” system, which allows players to assign Facebook friends to various “combat” roles. For example a Personnel friend can grant the player the ability to peek at opponents’ cards, reduce costs of various cards and numerous other benefits. In order to make use of the Personnel perks, however, a player’s friends must have Battle Cards installed. Friends not currently playing Battle Cards will receive a wall post from the game inviting them to join, and if they decline, the game allows players to purchase “virtual friends” using Facebook Credits.

We weren’t able to reach the developers of the game before publishing this article to confirm future plans for the game, but the fan page’s wall indicates that Creara is introducing limited-edition cards for purchase from June 15 onwards. It’s likely that this will become a regular feature of the game, with players able to customize their decks with “exclusive” and “rare” cards. The addition of a card-trading system would also fit well with the customizable card game theme, as there does not appear to be one at this time. The game interface also promises a “Contest” feature will be added soon, presumably indicating that the game will have officially-organized tournaments in the near future.

You can follow Battle Cards’ progress using AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.