Barnes & Noble’s PubIt Hosts Review Day Via Facebook

Do you have a self-published PubIt! book that you’d like to get some attention for? Today is the day. Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing service PubIt! is hosting its first Review Day from 9 a.m. EDT until 8 p.m. EDT today on its Facebook page. You can present your PubIt! book to a curated list of book bloggers who may in turn blog about your book.

Here is more from the PubIt! Facebook page: “Under each blogger that’s a good fit for your work, post 2 sentences describing your book. Be sure to include your genre, length of work, and your pen name if it is different from your Facebook identity. Please note that you can only pitch books already published through PubIt! Please include the link to your product page.”

GalleyCat has tips to help you create your pitch: “If you need help crafting a great pitch, follow this link and this link. Once you’ve posted your pitch, stop by GalleyCat’s New Books page and share your new or upcoming book with our readers as well.”

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