Barnes & Noble’s Liz Scheier Expects eBook Sales To Soar


Barnes & Noble’s Editorial Director Liz Scheier thinks eBooks are going to grow fast. In a panel at Thrillerfest today, she responded to head of Random House Gina Centrello’s comment from yesterday that in five years eBooks will be 50% of book sales.

“If we are hearing that directly from the cat’s mouth, that is a pretty good estimate,” said Scheier. “We are seeing exponential growth now and I think we are going to continue to see it grow.”

Scheier said that eBooks offer a lot of potential. For example, stories that are too short or too long to be financially viable for a print book might be perfectly released as an eBook. “As long as you price it correctly, there is a lot of opportunity,” she said.

She also said that as the industry is so new, here job is all about testing. One such thing that is working for B&N is offering the first book from an author free to help drive sales for the second title. “We see a huge conversion rate when we do this,” she said. “It is a great way to keep eBook and print sales going.”