Barnes & Noble Releases Nook 1.2 Update

Earlier today Barnes & Noble started releasing a firmware update for the nook. Some people have successfully had their nook receive the “over-the-air” update during the day, even though Barnes & Noble says the update will be sent to the nooks over the next two weeks.

Later in the day I received an email from Barne’s & Noble informing me of the update and providing a link to instructions on how to manually update the nook. I had not yet received the OTA update so I decided to use the manual update process, which is very easy. First you download the update to your PC, connect the nook to the PC and the nook mounts as a drive letter, copy the file to the nook, disconnect the nook from the PC, and the update process begins.

After a few minutes my nook rebooted, started back up, and in no time I was back in the book that I was reading. I haven’t had enough time yet to discover first-hand what improvements have been made, but Barnes & Noble says they include improvements to opening ebooks and periodicals, improved “back” button functionality, and overall system improvements and battery optimizations, amongst other changes.