Barnes & Noble Preparing eBook Reader for iPad – Where’s Amazon’s Kindle App Announcement?

Here we are, mere hours away from being able to pre-order an Apple iPad. Well, ok, I guess pre-ordering is not really that exciting. But, we’re sure to see a bunch of iPad related apps announcements. Here’s an interesting one to start things off.

eBooks: B&N eReader for iPad Coming Soon

Barnes & Noble already has a free ebook reader app for the iPhone…

B&N eReader 1.1.5

So, it isn’t too surprising to learn that an iPad version is in the works. Nook owners will be happy to learn that their library will be available on their iPad too. B&N is the winner here. They sell ebooks just the same whether it is on an iPad or their own Nook. I wonder when Amazon will say something about a Kindle app tweaked for the iPad?