Barnes & Noble Nook Server Fails On Christmas

People who received a Nook for Christmas this year, have likely not had a chance to enjoy it.

Barnes & Noble experienced a server shutdown on Christmas, making it impossible to download eBooks on the holiday. This is the second year in a row that this has happened. Customers were complaining on Twitter.

@iamslesser tweeted: “I don’t believe the servers on the B&N Nook website have been busy for the past 6 hrs…Kindle here I come!”

@McDonnellWrite complained: “Been trying for 2 days to register the Nook Color e-reader we got my kid for Xmas, but Barnes & Noble’s servers are down. This sucks.”

@jasfish wrote: “Gotta love getting a #nook for Christmas & not being able to use it because their servers can’t handle it.”

The Barnes & Noble website does not currently have any updated information on the Nook support page.

Via Sarah Weinman.