Barack Obama’s Victory Tweet Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

The image that Barack Obama sent along with the tweet “Four more years.”

There were a lot of people watching the election results on Twitter last night. And it proved to be a very busy night for the social network. In fact, Barack Obama’s victory tweet, “Four more years,” was the most retweeted tweet ever. As of last night the message had been retweeted more than 455,000 times.

According to the Twitter blog, the election inspired 31 million tweets. Election related Twitter conversations peaked at 327,452 Tweets per minute. Here are some more stats from Twitter’s blog (TPM is defined as tweets per minute):

-327,452 TPM – 11:19pm ET – Networks call Obama’s reelection
-85,273 TPM -11:12pm ET – IA presidential race called
-69,031 TPM – 9:33pm ET – PA and WI presidential races called
-65,106 TPM – 8:03pm ET – Polls close in various states; AP calls races for IL, CT, ME, DC, DE, RI, MD, MA