Banned Book Week to Feature Virtual Read-Out

When Banned Books Week rolls around on September 24, readers, librarians, and other supporters will have the chance to join in a new protest. BBW wants videos showing you reading a banned book.

The video needs to be less than 2 minutes long, and it needs to be uploaded to Youtube. But it doesn’t matter who reads it or how good you are, just so long as the book was banned. You can submit a 3 minute video with  personal testimony of your experience in fighting book banning. BTW, this request is for everyone, not just readers. libraries and bookstores might want to organize a local even to record customers and patrons reading banned books.

Can’t think of a book to read? The ALA collected a list of banned literary classics here. Or you could select a title from the list of most banned books 2010, like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

via Banned Books Week