Bango Launches Analytics for Mobile Web

Mobile Internet solutions provider Bango has launched Bango Analytics, a new tool that lets folks with mobile Web sites capture and analyze all sorts of data on who’s visiting the site.

The hosted service gathers user information across various handset brands and operators and provides aggregated info such as what country the visitors are in, what network and handset they’re using and the like, Mobile Entertainment reports.

Like all good analytic tools, Bango provides the details on usage patterns, but doesn’t disclose any personal data about individual users.

The idea behind the product is to provide the statistical data that’s essential to understanding how people interact with mobile Web sites and which marketing campaigns are most effective, the company says.

Of particular interest to marketers is a feature that lets them add tags to their mobile sites that let them track how many users got to the site from an ad campaign or search keyword and figure out the success of their various marketing efforts.