5 Bands That Are Rocking The Web Video Scene

These days, more and more bands are reaching out to their fans through social media and web video – creating awesome music videos, contests and campaigns on YouTube and other social sites. With Weezer’s recent YouTube takeover, OK Go’s new video launch and a fun new online music video contest from Guster, we thought it only fitting to put together a list of some of the bands that are taking web video to the next level and rocking out on the social web.


OK Go is definitely the king when it comes to bands on YouTube. They burst on to the YouTube scene with their renowned choreographed treadmill clip for ‘Here It Goes Again’ and have released numerous other YouTube hits since. They promoted their last video for ‘End Love’ with a Facebook contest, encouraging fans to share the clip and launched their newest video just yesterday. ‘White Knuckles’ is, as usual, an incredibly creative video (and this time it features dogs, yay!!). Check it out below.


Unless you live under a rock, then odds are you heard about the Weezer YouTube Invasion that went down last week. In an effort to promote their new album, ‘Hurley’, Weezer made cameo appearances in the videos of a number of popular YouTube Partners including Schmoyoho, HotForWords, Fred, DaveDays, TayZonday, Onision, RayWilliamJohnson, BarelyPolitical, and USofAnderson. The campaign got the band a whole lot of online media attention, and spread awareness for their new album like wildfire. Watch Weezer Auto-tune the News in the clip below.


At the end of last week, the band Guster announced a new contest on their Myspace page. They are reaching out to their fans to direct a video for the song ‘Bad Bad World’ off their new album. The winning video will be displayed on the Guster Easy Wonderful website, where they will be unveiling a total of twelve videos, one for each song on the new album.

Guster says, “We’re not necessarily looking for technical skill or anything fancy…if you have a friend who can eat cheesy poofs all-entertaining-like, for four and a half minutes, film it with your smart phone and we just might pick that one. Or we might hate it. It’s our song and we get to be the obnoxious-but-respected judge with the British accent.”

Submissions are due by October 12 and aside from the winning video, Guster is sure to get a lot of coverage as the fans share their videos with all their friends!

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire first entered the web video scene when they live streamed their Madison Square Garden concert on YouTube earlier this summer. However, they really blew fans away with the launch of an awesome HTML5 video campaign. The band’s ‘The Wilderness Downtown’ video is a cool interactive experience that brings in elements of your own hometown via Google Maps, choreographs pop up windows of video, lets you draw a picture and write a letter to your younger self and more. This is the ultimate in innovation for bands and web video. You can check out the campaign in Google Chrome on The Wilderness Downtown website, or watch the video demo below.

Ben Folds

When Chatroulette was in its prime earlier this year a mysterious piano player named Merton claimed millions of views for his Chatroulette Piano Improv videos. Rumors started to spread that Merton was actually popular singer Ben Folds. Well, the rumors weren’t true, but Ben Folds was inspired by Merton to do some Chatroulette improv of his own. Ben Folds called it his ‘Ode To Merton’, and he got millions of YouTube views as well.