Ball Park Franks Relishes the Funny in Patriotic Ad Campaign

As we mentioned in this piece about Fourth of July ads, this is a special time of year for brands and the public. As Americans, we’re proud of where we come from and what we stand for, and those powerful emotions can make us susceptible to patriotic messaging.

However, instead of the dramatic montages of cute children waving American flags on Main Street or brilliant fireworks exploding over the Statue of Liberty, Ball Park Franks chose to pursue another direction by bringing the funny. Because, let’s face it, what’s funnier than how seriously we can be about ourselves?

Humor is a powerful tool for any public relations effort. Yet, marketing strategies must do more than be funny. There are plenty of commercials that make us laugh but fail to inspire us to any level of action or to make a purchase. The public needs context. The public needs to feel as if it is part of the fun, and Ball Park Franks has managed to capture that sentiment in its latest ad.

So check out the video above which hilariously characterizes Ball Park Hot Dogs as “grilled on the flames of liberty and named after our national pastime.” Just like the Fourth of July, it’s all about appreciating our freedom by enjoying it.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Be safe and have fun today!