Badoo Booms, So Do All Sorts of Other Apps on This Week’s List of Top Facebook MAU Gainers

At least going by growth in number of monthly active users over the past week, Facebook’s application ecosystem is looking more diverse than it has at some points in the past.

At the top of the fastest-growing apps this week we have Badoo, a dating site that recently ported itself into Facebook as a canvas application and added in a quiz (that other developers have been claiming violates Facebook’s platform policies). Beyond any debatable viral aspects to its growth, we suspect some Facebook users are genuinely drawn to the mixture of often revealing dating profiles in the app that appear to be brought in directly from Badoo’s home site.

The app, for whatever reasons, grew by an eye-popping 9.59 million monthly actives in the past week to become the fourth-largest on the platform, with 32.2 million MAU.

On to the rest of the list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Badoo32,172,212+9,585,690+42%
2. Social Statistics3,360,874+1,465,047+77%
3. BandPage by RootMusic16,055,812+1,442,094+10%
4. Ravenwood Fair6,997,419+1,377,270+25%
5. Yahoo!9,135,725+1,002,453+12%
6. Causes25,148,842+784,262+3%
7. 德州撲克(中文版)7,806,157+685,692+10%
8. Facebook for Android25,130,554+672,651+3%
9. Your statistics1,491,443+606,688+69%
10. Paradise Life1,762,210+529,637+43%
11. Texas HoldEm Poker 37,187,222+493,707+1%
12. Profile Banner1,010,902+443,649+78%
13. Car Town7,942,067+416,195+6%
14. Windows Live Messenger15,538,887+415,100+3%
15. My Band: Profile Pages for Bands and Musicians5,320,007+410,480+8%
16. Social Connect940,871+407,634+76%
17. Are YOU Interested?14,677,528+399,465+3%
18. Draw My Thing651,240+370,412+132%
19. GodsWar Online1,800,057+341,442+23%
20. Yelp9,519,745+317,638+3%

Next up we have Social Statistics, one of several statistics, quizzing, gifting and other self-expression apps that appear today. It grew by more than 75% to reach 3.36 million MAU. These types of apps are typically simple, and might rise and fall quickly based on how Facebook feels about their adherence to platform policies — you need to keep looking down the list to find surprising app appearances.

BandPage by RootMusic is one. It’s an app that offers customization features for musicians’ Pages, that has been doing quite well for months. Another music Page customizer app is also on the list: My Band, from ReverbNation. Today they have 16.1 million and 5.32 million MAU respectively. As MySpace’s traffic continues to fall, and as Facebook’s continues to rise, these companies and others are figuring out how to provide high-quality Page experiences for music fans — and doing pretty well by the looks of things.

Beyond the usual mix of of gaming titles, which we’ll be looking at over on Inside Social Games this morning, and the booming Facebook for Android, which we’ll be covering on Inside Mobile Apps, there’s another type of platform app showing up today as well.

Connect integrations, whether Microsoft’s long-surging Windows Live Messenger social version of IM, or Yahoo!‘s newer homepage feature, or Yelp‘s steadily popular way of finding and sharing with reviewer/Facebook friends show how Facebook is succeeding in spreading horizontally across other types of communication mediums on the web.