Another Game Developer Crosses The 100 Million Download Mark: Backflip Studios

Boulder, Colorado-based Backflip Studios is says it’s becoming the latest game developer to cross the 100 million download mark.

With iOS and Android shipments or activations passing roughly 200 million and 100 million devices respectively, a nine figure number is quickly becoming the benchmark by which game developers hawking free apps must surpass to be of note. Backflip’s biggest franchises are naturally “Paper Toss,” a simple hit that has users throw virtual paper into a trash can and “Nin Jump,” a ninja-themed platformer.

The company says its downloads are split with 80 percent on iOS and 20 percent on Android. The ratio’s not necessarily surprising since the studio has 36 apps on iOS and just two on Android and that the existing install base of Google’s platform may be about half the size of Apple’s.

Backflip adds that it has more than 2.5 million daily active users and 25 million monthly actives. That puts it among other top game developers; Glu Mobile recently said that it was seeing 953,000 daily active users at the end of the first quarter of this year. Other developers are less forthcoming about their DAU and MAU numbers so it’s difficult to benchmark Backflip against many other companies.

Backflip adds that it’s making one-third of its revenue from paid apps sales, one-third from mobile advertising and one-third from in-app purchases. This is a little bit different from what we’d tend to see with a full freemium model, where 50 to 60 percent of revenues would ultimately come from in-app purchases, 10 percent from display ads and 30 to 40 percent from incentivized ads.

The company’s moving more heavily in the free app direction with four releases over the summer including an iPad version of a bowling game app that got more than 10 million downloads called “Strike Knight HD,” (pictured left) along with three others: a puzzle game called “Shape Shift,” “Backflip Solitaire,” and a shooter named “Boss Battles.”