Backflip Studios’ Paper Toss Crosses The 50 Million Download Mark

Every month we’re seeing more and more games cross eight-figure download milestones. Downloads are, of course, not a revealing metric compared to the visibility we have on the Facebook platform with daily active users. But it will do for now.

Boulder, Colorado’s Backflip Studios‘ popular Paper Toss is the latest to cross a symbolic milestone with 50 million downloads on Android and iOS. In January, Apple said it was the 10th most downloaded free iPhone app of all time.

Like many developers who find a hit on their hands, Backflip is extending the title with a new version called Paper Toss: World Tour for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It’s the same concept but with 10 extra levels based in different countries. Players can toss wads of paper into a wicker, flag-covered wastebasket in front of the Taj Mahal, for example.

The company also has a more social version of the game in the works that will lets players compete against and challenge friends. It will simultaneously launch on Facebook, Android and iOS.

This falls into a big trend we’re seeing among top developers — mobile developers are creating seamless, cross-platform versions of their games that tie Facebook and mobile together. Rovio is doing this with a version of Angry Birds expected to come to Facebook in May. Bight Games is also taking sim title TradeNations to Facebook too.