Baby buggy: Movie blogger’s new secret weapon is a poster-child

Not that you could necessarily tell from reading this blog, but its author is not an eleven year old girl. Sporting both a beard and a yarmulke, yours truly rarely mistaken for one. This hadn’t proven to be a big deal, but lately, it’s become a liability.

As you can see from this video, a blogger named Robert Sanchez has cunningly employed his own step-daughter to lull Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairman Tom Rothman into a false sense of avuncular intimacy. Like any good blogger, she promptly posted her scoop.

The news? A Hugh Jackman-vehicle, “Wolverine” (a prequel to ‘X men,’ for those no longer in puberty) is a ‘go’ at Twentieth Century Fox.

This was a humiliating defeat for FishbowlLA, and not one to be taken lying down. Not willing to wait a decade to grow our own spies, we are proud to announced that at great expense, we have purchased adopted two lovely Laotian boys for deployment at various red carpet premieres. So if you see young Khamtay, 12, or Chanthavy, 11, say a hearty ‘Sabaidee!’ and welcome them to the Hollywood beat.

But don’t blow their cover, and be careful what you say: They may look young, but this morning alone, they already hoodwinked Stacey Snider into revealing a three-picture deal with Jack Black. Stone-faced killers, these two, and we just couldn’t be prouder human traffickers parents.