How Do B2B Companies Use Social Media For Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Business to business (B2B) companies face unique challenges and opportunities on social media. So how are they capitalizing on Twitter, Facebook and other networks to market their products and services?

This infographic from Eloqua shows the results of a survey of 548 B2B marketers and their approach to social media within their organizations.

The first finding might be a little surprising: 36 percent of marketers say their organization doesn’t use social media whatsoever.

And of those organizations that do use social media, there is some confusion as to exactly who is in charge of the tweeting. 26 percent of those polled say that the PR and communications department owns social media, 11 percent pass the ownership to their website team, and 23 percent share the responsibility between multiple departments.

When it comes to which networks B2B companies prefer, it’s almost neck-and-neck between Facebook (80 percent) and Twitter (78 percent), with LinkedIn trailing in third place (51 percent).

But despite the fact that they’re using these networks, 43 percent of organizations don’t actually have a social media plan in place.

There’s lots more in this infographic about how B2B companies are using social media, so check it out below (click to enlarge):

(Infographic via Eloqua; B2B image via Shutterstock)