B-M’s Penn: Obama Lost Constituencies He Won in ’08

Burson-Marsteller CEO Mark Penn has a post-election day write-up on the Huffington Post that slices and dices  yesterday’s vote and gives his take on what President Obama has to do to reclaim the spark that brought him to office two years ago.

“Only 23 percent of the voters said that they were casting a vote for the Tea Party while 56 percent said it was not a factor and the rest outright opposed them,” he writes. “But 62 percent of the voters said that the economy was the key factor determining their vote.”

Moreover, he says the Republicans won the “turnout war” with many, including young voters, opting to stay home.

Penn sees opportunities for the President like those that Bill Clinton took advantage of in 1994. The New York Times proposed a similar idea a couple of weeks ago in an article, “In Losing the Midterms, There May be Winning.”