Awkward Interactions at Heritage Foundation’s Launch of The Daily Signal

Last night at Sixth Engine, The Heritage Foundation celebrated the Tuesday launch of its new site The Daily Signal, a digital-first, multimedia news platform.
Amidst drinks with clever names like the “Editor in Chief” and the “Teaser” alongside delicious samplings of Korean style chicken tenders, heaping bites of tuna tar tar, and brussels sprouts, FishbowlDC was so rudely interrupted by the self-proclaimed ‘Christian, Conservative, Southern, Zionist, that is Everything the Left hates Heritage Action Legislative Strategist (description a la his Twitter bio).”
During a conversation with a writer for Heritage Action’s blog The Forge, said “strategist” apparently felt threatened by FishbowlDC speaking to his ex-fiance. The “strategist” – who I met just seconds earlier – felt the need to tell me his engagement with whom I was previously speaking ended four weeks ago.
Unable to hold back a smirk caused by the absurdity of this man’s relationship woes, he trice assumed I thought the situation was funny. Newsflash: I barely know who you are, let alone care about your relationship status.

Aside from the very, very awkward interaction, the event was greatSocially competent guests mingled inside both upstairs and down and outside on the patio alongside iPad’s programed to “The Daily Signal” (I may have redirected one to FishbowlDC).
In attendance: Fmr. Sen. Jim DeMint, president of the Heritage Foundation, WSJ’s Amy Harder, Kevin Madden, Bill Kristol, Heritage Action’s Mike Needham, Atlantic Media Strategies’ Jean Ellen Cowgill and Ory Rinat, Halliburton’s Bob Moran, Mary Kathrine Ham (and her 10 month old daughter, Georgia), and 1776’s Morgan Gress.
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