Avast Plans to Offer Anti-Malware Tool for Rooted Android Phones

Google’s Android mobile platform resembles Microsoft’s Windows in more ways than one these days. Like Windows, Android has become the a market leader as an operating system. Unfortunately, like Microsoft its market leadership has also made it a prime target for malware. While there’s no shortage of anti-malware/anti-virus apps for Android, CNET reports that Avast is planning to enter the market with two interesting spins.

Avast to go mobile, get VPN

First, Avast plans to focus on rooted Android phones. One of the reasons people “root” their Android phone is to be able to run software that are not allowed to run on unrooted phones. This, Avast reasons, leaves them a bit more vulnerable to malware. Avast estimates that 15 to 20% of all Android phones are rooted.

Second, Avast plans to offer a VPN (Virtual Private Network) product for Android and desktops that would be available on a subscription basis.

No release date was provided for either product.