Automattic CEO Toni Schneider to Speak at The Freemium Summit

AutomatticToniSchneider.jpgAutomattic CEO Toni Schneider is the first confirmed speaker for’s Freemium Summit — The Business of Free conference, presented by Charles Hudson. The event will be held Friday, March 26, at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco.

Automattic is the creator of blogging platform WordPress. Also on the speaker’s list: Xobni co-founder Matt Brezina. Xobni is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables easier access to contacts, including those from social-networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The description of The Freemium Summit from the Website:

The first Freemium Summit is a one-day event focused on exploring what it takes to succeed under the freemium business model. Across all segments of the media landscape, entrepreneurs and executives are pioneering models that combine a free offering with a premium, paid offering. This hybrid business model is one of the most exciting areas of business-model innovation impacting the world of media, and the Freemium Summit will explore the most important topics on the minds of leading practitioners.

Our agenda of panels and talks will focus on the following major themes:

• Making freemium work on the iPhone

• Freemium and free-to-play games

• Freemium applied to SaaS and business applications

• Freemium for prosumer Web applications

• Freemium and digital-media businesses

• Building a freemium business on top of someone else’s platform

Within the major themes above, the Freemium Summit will focus on the most important specific topics facing entrepreneurs and executives today:

• Product segmentation for freemium success

• Analytics, metrics and measurement best practices

• Customer acquisition and retention strategies for freemium businesses

• Success stories

• Lessons learned—the limits of the freemium model

• Businesses that looked at freemium and opted for another model (subscription, advertising, etc)