Autoglass Tries Mobile Advertising: A Case Study

MocoNews has an interesting experiential report from Autoglass, one of the UK’s largest replacement auto glass companies, on mobile advertising gone (slightly) awry. The report said that online marketing manager Chris Smith “decided to take a punt with mobile advertising without the help of an agency and his experiences, (which I suspect are probably very typical at this early stage) of stumbling around and discovering things haphazardly show you what a long way mobile search and display advertising have to go.”

Smith spent $4,000 on a .mobi site, and tracked the results as mobile Web readers trickled in. His biggest issue was with tracking—he’d get a tally of total hits, but without any of the break-down or other metrics he was accustomed to with desktop Web advertising. He ended up using Bango’s mobile analytics software to get around this problem, but he’s still cautiously hopeful about the whole experience.

One interesting bit at the end: “Is there a difference between mobile and web traffic for Autoglass? Apparently not. Just as on the web, the company gets lots of visitors through display, but the ‘ones that convert are coming through search.'”

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