Auto Image Recognition With TagCow

tagcowOrganization. You either have it or you don’t. Thankfully, it’s something that with regular practice, can be learned. Even the most anal people have trouble keeping their digital photos in order. Thanks to TagCow, it’s now easier than ever to sift through your 7 megapixel shots.
You’re busy, and don’t have the time to tag every photo. Take the shot below for example.


If I were to tag this picture I would want to make sure I used keywords that would help me find it later: Montauk; Atlantic Ocean; Long Island; Sister; Lyds; phone booth, and so on.

Using a bit of “magic,” TagCow will identify elements in the picture. While they might not be able to identify my sister (at least I hope not, that would just be creepy), they will be able to explain the photo using its elements. And let’s say I tag one picture as “Sis” – in the future, they will identify “Sis.”


The answer is so Web 1.0. With humans. At least according to Mike A. over at TechCrunch. Which by the way, overloaded the servers and rendered the Website useless. In an odd move, they are just linking back to the TechCrunch article which is where the bulk of the traffic would be coming from. Don;t really get the logic there…

A team of real-life human beings will tag your photos so you don’t have to. From trees to rocks – crazy uncles to ballparks, your digital photos will instantly be easier to find. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, but there is still no image recognition software that can recognize my sister Lyds. At least not yet.

The service integrates with Flickr, auto tagging your uploaded photos.

Adding descriptive attributes has never been easier. I’m looking forward to trying the service once the servers recover.