Author Tom Holland Tells Writers To Reject 25% eBook Royalty

Author Tom Holland, who chairs of the Society of Authors in the UK, does not think that eBooks deals are fair.
Last week Holland addressed the issue at the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s annual conference, where he encouraged authors to push for eBook royalties higher than the standard 25%. Or at least make sure they are only signing up for a 25% cut, for a limited period, while eBook sales are still low and publishers are investing in their infrastructure.
The Guardian UK reports, “…given publishers will eventually have much lower warehousing and distribution costs for ebooks, royalties should be divided 50/50.”
Holland warned publishers that they risk losing big names if they don’t consider higher royalties. “It’s a danger publishers need to recognise and a danger for writers as well,” said Holland in the Guardian UK piece. “If JK Rowling controls her own ebook rights [then] there’s less money for her publisher to invest in new authors. We could face a situation of very big-name authors pulling the ladder up after them [and] we have a stake in seeing a healthy publishing industry.”