Author Seth Godin Launches Imprint With Amazon

Author Seth Godin has teamed up with Amazon to publish the first six titles of his new publishing imprint called “The Domino Project.”

To publish the works, Godin is using the Amazon’s new “Powered By Amazon” program, which lets authors use Amazon’s to distribute works in print, digital and as audiobooks world wide.

The imprint will include works by Godin and other authors. Godin is writing a series called “Idea Manifestos.” The books will be published in print and as audiobooks, as well as eBooks which are available exclusively through the Kindle Store.

The imprint will be driven by eBooks. Godin blogged: “Digital goods and manifestos in book form make it easier to spread complex ideas. It’s long frustrated me that a blog post can reach 100 times as many people as a book, but can’t deliver the nuance a book can. The Domino Project is organized around a fundamentally different model of virality, one that allows authors to directly reach people who can use the ideas we’re writing about.”