Author Genaro Samora Uses Book Trailer To Promote “The Found”

The Found — The Official Book Trailer (A Novel By Genaro Zamora) from Jeff Rivera on Vimeo.

As eBooks get more popular and video editing tools become more accessible, book trailers are evolving and looking pretty slick. The above video is for The Found, a new book by author Genaro Zamora, is a perfect example.

For Zamora, who published his book through Smashwords, doing a book trailer was a natural way to get readers excited about his book. Zamora told eBookNewser, “Why not go this angle? We’re in the most exciting time in book publishing history. Things are changing so fast, publishers and authors can hardly keep up with them.”

Zamora said that book trailers help books compete in a saturated media marketplace.   “We have a lot to compete with,” he said. “Not only each other as authors but also we’re competing with the internet itself, broadcast & cable television, radio, internet radio, social media, motion pictures — the list goes on. I think authors nowadays have to be aware of that and it forces us to go one step further. The Found trailer is my answer to that.”

Zamora worked with Gumbo Entertainment to develop the trailer and they used video from to help keep costs down.

So how should an author make a good trailer? Zamora’s advises, “Tease them with the trailer a trailer that entertains, whet their appetite and maybe, just maybe they’ll give it a glimpse.  After that, it’s up to the Kindle gods.”