Auditoire: Conceptual Greeting Card, Projector, and Smartphone in One

Every once in a while, you see a conceptual product that’s worth sharing – and buying. Like this conceptual greeting card that turns your smartphone into a mini-projector. To use, the card opens up to reveal a pop-up building and a projector stand for your smartphone:

In order to celebrate 2014, Auditoire has imagined a unique concept for their greeting card, mixing paper and technology in order to give their clients a unique experience and to unveil once more their creativity.

Created by creative agency Auditoire, the pop-up 3D card holds a smartphone that projects moving images onto a 3D building. The card and concept was created to show off the group’s creativity, but we’re honestly wondering … why is it not available for purchase? It may not bring back the days of old greeting cards, but it’s certainly fun for books, mini-travel shows for picnics, or even a DIY TV.

Via Laughing Squid