Audible Audio Book App for Android Leaves Beta Phase: 1.01 Available in the Android Market Now

Audible’s free audio book app for Android has finally moved from its beta release (which was very stable in my experience) to production. Audible (owned by Amazon) is the premiere (and quite frankly only one I know of) audio book store. The convenience and often amazing performances by human book readers has made it my preferred way to “read” books. I probably listen to twice as many books as I read on paper (or more likely the Kindle ebook app) these days.

Audible Applications for Mobile Phones

The Audible app for Android lets you download audio books from your Audible library directly to your smartphone. There is no need to tether it to a desktop computer or even access your audible account web page. You can find it in the Android Market on your Android smartphone. However, if you installed and tested the Audible for Android beta release, you should uninstall it before installing the 1.01 release from the Android Market. If you don’t, you’ll find two Audible icons on your apps page. You can tease out and uninstall the beta version in the Application Manager. But, why force a bit of detective work on yourself?