AT&T’s First Constructive Response to the 3G Network Ad Wars: Free iPhone Mark the Spot App

This free AT&T iPhone app might be the first constructive response I’ve seen resulting from the Verizon/AT&T 3G network feud…

AT&T Mark the Spot (iTunes App Store)

The app lets you submit a report with GPS location and time information about about dropped calls, failed calls, coverage issues, data failure, and poor voice quality. I wonder how it send a report when you report no network coverage though.

The app got a minor point update (1.01) in its first day of release (December 7). The update added support for “Maps Integration” to help pinpoint the location of a network incident. This is, presumably, to provide location correction with the cell-tower or GPS location inforamtion appears incorrect.

Too bad only iPhone owners get to provide this info…

Via the Boy Genius Report: AT&T releases Mark the Spot, a network failure reporting tool