Attention BlackBerry Users: Seesmic Is Discontinuing Its Twitter App At The End Of The Month

It seemed like a good pairing, Seesmic being an enterprise level Twitter client and BlackBerry being (still) the top choice for businesses. Unfortunately the two business solutions won’t be together for much longer. Seesmic will be discontinuing support for its BlackBerry app at the end of June, effectively signaling that all of its users must look elsewhere for a BlackBerry Twitter dashboard.

Seesmic provides a suite of social media management tools for online brand management, with a focus on Twitter. It might not be as popular among consumers as TweetDeck or HootSuite, but it has a large enterprise following. And, not to mention, Seesmic has an app for nearly every platform out there. But these facts aren’t enough to keep Seesmic on BlackBerry, apparently, as the company has announced that it will officially end support for its BlackBerry app effective June 30th.

The official reason from the Seesmic blog is that the company wants to “focus development efforts on our most popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.” BlackBerry just doesn’t make the cut, even for this big-time enterprise social media management software company.

To be fair, the Seesmic BlackBerry app was not rated very highly (only about 2.5 out of 5 stars in the BlackBerry App World), but that’s likely not the only reason they pulled out of RIM’s smartphones. The worrisome news about lower than expected earnings and their slow reaction to a changing smartphone market means that RIM might not be the best investment for a startup like Seesmic, which has to monitor its allocation of resources closely.

For current users of the Seesmic for BlackBerry app, you’d best get used to a replacement app, and fast.